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This department memo was released May 2, 1977


All that is known about the suspect at this time is that he is young (White Male Adult, 19-25 yrs), slender (140 lbs to 180 lbs.) muscular build, and agile. The suspect has been described as a:

WMA, 19 to 25 years old, 5'8' to 6'0' tall, with dirty blonde to medium brown, collar length hair, bright blue or hazel eyes. He wears a size 9 tennis shoe and has Type "A" blood.

He usually wears dark clothing, with a penchant for Army green. He always wears a mask and gloves.


The younger victims tend to describe the suspect as older, in the middle to late 20's. The older victims describe him as young, 18 to 19 years of age. Assuming a woman in her late twenties and early thirties is a more accurate judge of age, it would appear to place the suspect in the early to middle 20's.


Most victims have described the suspect as about 5'8" or 5'9" tall, hwoever, a 16 years old victim is 5'8 1/2" tall and walked beside the suspect from the kitchen to the ffamily room. She states, with her high heeled shoes on, she was the same height as the suspect. This would indicate the suspect is about 5'10" or 5'11" tall.


The suspects weight has been estimated from the descriptions of his build. He has been described as slender with an athletic build. Well muscled, not heavily muscled as a weight lifter, but more like a runner or a swimmer.


None of the victims have gotten a good look at the suspects hair. One did state that it was hanging out from under his ski mask and appeared dirty blond. Pubic hair and head hair recovered from the scenes has been predominatedly dark to medium brown. There is no direct correlation between single strands of head and pubic hair and the color the hair appears to be. A single strand of hair taken from a black haired person might be blonde or brown. From all indications, and the opinions of the investigators, the suspects hair should be medium brown. A witness, who observed, what is believed to be the suspect, running from a victim's residence, also described the suspects hair as dirty blonde.


The victims have described both tennis shoes and lace-up boots as footwear worn by the suspect. Numerous shoe sole impressions have been discovered at the scene of both prowler and burglary scenes. At this writing, shoe sole impressions have been found two rapes. During one investigation shoe sole impressions were found in a rape victim's rear yard. More recently, in Rancho Cordova, shoe sole impressions were located in the master bedroom of the rape victim's residence. Both times the impressions were of a Herringbone pattern and measured 10", which is consistent with a size 9 shoe.


During an attack, the victim gained control of the suspect gun and during the struggle to retrieve his weapon, the suspect apparently cut himself with his knife. Blood was found in the victim's hair and on her bedding. These samples were classified by the Crime Laboratory as type "A" blood. The victim has type "O" blood.


The suspect always has worn a ski mask, usually the commercially available knitted ski mask. He apparently does not wear the same mask twice. On occasion the suspect wears a mask that appears to be homemade. One time he had on a leather hood, another time he wore a hood with his eyes, nose and mouth exposed. This hood was Army green and made out of canvas or heavy denim material.


The suspect habitually wears gloves, taking them off only during the sexual assault on the victim. On one occasion he kept his glaves on during the entire time, including during his sexual assault. These gloves are usually of the black leather type, or in some cases more recently, he wore heavy cotton, brown in color, with heavy stitching.


The suspect often talks through clenched teeth. No particular trace of an accent but he appears to be disguising his voice. With older victims he speaks in more normal tones and appears to be gruff only with the younger victims.


Brown lace-up boots.
Ankle high brown lace-up shoes.
Desert boots, brown leather.
Black square toed boots.
Black tennis shoes.
Red, white and blue tennis shoes.
Black high top military boots.
Fatigue pants, baggy pockets


Numerous suspicious vehicles have been checkedand eliminated. Still outstanding is a 1952 or 1953 Ford or Chevrolet, bright yellow step-side pickup. This vehicle was seen on Knollwood each day for three days prior to the rape on Thornwood.

It is assumed that the suspect travels by automobile. On five separate occasions dogs have tracked the suspect to a location one would expect a vehicle to be parked. The suspect could use other means of travel. There is some evidence that he has travelled drainage ditches, vacants fields and Park areas on foot.


In addition to the blood sample, head and pubic hair and shoe sole impressions, latent fingerprints have been recovered from every scene. These latents have been cross compared without a match.


Numerous reports have been received from persons who have observed someone who looks like the composite of the East Area Rapsit. There has been only one composite made of the E.A.R. and it has not been given wide circulation until now.

This composite was made, while under hypnosis, by a 16 year old Rancho Cordova victim.


The suspect enters a residence in the night time through an unlocked sliding glass door or window. He will pry unopened doors and windows when necessary.

Once in the residence the suspect threatens the victim with a knife, gun or club. He ties her with shoelaces he brings with him, then he uses strips of the victim's toweling and electrical cord to further bind, blidfold and gag her.

He usually cuts the telephone cord and covers a lamp with something to dim the lighting.

The suspect will spend from one to three hours in the residence. During this time the suspect will sexually assault the victim several times. In between sexual assaults the suspect wanders about the house eating and drinking. He wanders in and out of the house. Beverage containers have been found outside where the suspect apparently stands, possibly watching for anyone approaching the house.

Because of his wanderings, the victim rarely knows when the suspect actually leaves the premises. It is usually thirty minutes to an hour before the victim is able to free herself and sometimes needs the assistance of a neighbor to get loose from her bonds.


The suspect attacks a single story, single family dwelling in a middle or upper middle class neighborhood. Except for Rancho Cordova (Beat 12) the residence is usually located near a drainage ditch, vacant field, new construction or park area or there may be a row of houses between the victim residence and such areas.


Considerable research has been conducted in an attempt to find some common factor between all of the victims, without success.

Failing this it is believed that the suspect identifies his next victim by prowling and burglarizing. Burglaries of particular interest are those in which no loss or minimal loss occurs.

During the rape the suspect will frequently take small items of costume jewelry: class rings, an earring, etc. He looks through photograph albums and lingerie drawers.

Also of interest are prowler reports, particularly those where herringbone footprints are found.


Over 150 suspicous persons, including 290 registrants, ex-convicts, etc. have been investigated. Many have been eliminated, but most cannot be completely excluded at this time.

At present there are no strong suspects.

The investigators are checking all suspicious persons and vehicles with the thought that the suspect may pose as a meter reader, insurance salesman, real estate samesman or some other person that has or appears to have legitimate access to the neighborhood.

Investigators are also reviewing all sex offenses, burglaries, and prowler reports for possible connections to the East Area Rapist.


A hypothesis is defined as an unproved theory tentatively accepted to provide a basis for the further investigation. Modifications in the original thesis may be necessary as the investigation proceeds. However, effort within the framework of the hypothesis generally gives superior results to activity on an undirected basis.

From a reading of the reports the following impressions were gained:

1. The first few cases of the EAR seems tohave been conducted on an individual, somewhat opportunistic basis. His attacks were confined to cases of young girls he had apparently determined to be in defenseless situations. Later he refined his technique and began to attack married ouples. The remarks below apply to his operations in this later phase of his development.

2. He seemingly finds a neighborhood to his likeing in which there is a home for sale or under construction. These specimens may be studied for such features as floor plans, locations and types of indow and door locks, etc.

3. Preferably there should be an open field, schoolgrounds, levee, or concrete-lined ditch at rear of the development. His getaway through such areas is attended by only negligible chances of being spotted in the early hours of the morning.

4. He next spends sometime in prowling and/or burglarizing in the neighborhood, perhaps picking out a suitable victim, studying her and her families habits, and further familiarizing himself with the interior of the house or houses he intends to break into.

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